Trading volume in security tokens of 24 projects tracked by Security Token Markets amounted to $ 9.15 million in September. After growing over the previous four months from $ 1 million to $ 22 million, this figure decreased by 58.5%. With a result of $ 9.15 million, September became the second month in terms of this indicator in the history of trading security tokens.Of this amount, $ 5.3 million went to the TZROP tZero token, which represents the equity investment of the tZERO Alternative Trading System (ATS). In August, the figure was $ 11.8 million.The value of the token dropped by 2.2% from $ 7.26 to $ 7.10, which lowered the project's market capitalization to $ 128 million. The OSTKO security token, which is a digital embodiment of the Overstock stock, fell 1.5% to $ 63 in September. Quotes fluctuated in a wide range of $ 48-65. OSTKO's trading volume decreased almost threefold - from $ 9.6 million to $ 3.6 million. Market capitalization is $ 321 million. OSTKO is the leader in the sector by this indicator.

The total market capitalization of security tokens increased by 3.79% in September. At the time of writing, this figure is $ 554.4 million. In September, the number of traded assets in the sector increased by three tokens:

MERJ-S from the Seychelles-based digital asset exchange of the same name;
OST1, which is a share in an apartment in Brooklyn, New York;
MSTV-S from Minervest management company.
Recall that the MERJ digital asset exchange participates in a project tokenize rare luxury cars for $ 200 million. It is assumed that the issued tokens will be listed on this site.