Five large centralized exchanges hold about 10.6% of the bitcoin in circulation, according to

Coinbase, Huobi, Binance, OKEx and Kraken hold over 1.96 million BTC.

More than 10% of bitcoin emissions are stored on five centralized exchanges

Coinbase is leading by a significant margin. 4.39 million wallets contain 944,904 BTC formoment of writing.

Huobi stores 323,665 BTC for 901.5 thousand addresses, Binance stores 289,961 BTC for 2.68 million wallets. 

The second five exchanges out of the top ten in terms of the amount of stored bitcoins contain 271,309 BTC.

Earlier, Chainalysis experts concluded that 3.72 million issued bitcoins are probably irretrievably lost. With this in mind, almost 15% of the available BTC is held on five exchanges.

As a reminder, Coin Metrics researchers found that if two of the three founders of BitMEX were arrested, users would not be able to withdraw bitcoins from the exchange. On October 1, BitMEX co-founder Samuel Reed was arrested in the United States, and a few days later he was released on bail of $ 5 million.