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The Big Bang Bitcoin Theory πŸ“°

The popular and multiple awards-winning American sitcom The Big Bang Theory will be featuring an episode called “The Bitcoin Entanglement”. The episode will air on November 30, 2017 and unsurprisingly the plot will be around, well, bitcoins. In detail [[shameless spoiler alert]] the guys thought they had an old bitcoin on their laptop that is now worth lots of money, but the laptop was at penny’s ex boyfriend’s so they had to go there and get it back. Some calculations estimate some 13 million people will watch the show next Thursday. The show was also filmed a while back when bitcoin was averaging $5K per bitcoin. Now the cryptocurrency has more than doubled that in the last month at $10,000 per each unit. We can’t wait to see what is the impact on its valuation after such a mainstream exposure on prime TV.

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