Crypto-asset analyst at ARK Invest Yassine Elmandjra believes that by 2025 the capitalization of bitcoin will reach $ 3 trillion, that is, it will increase more than 10 times.

Investment company ARK Invest drew attention to bitcoin back in 2015, when it the price was $ 250 per coin. Even then, company representatives called this asset unique and going beyond the usual traditional assets. In The Scoop podcast, Elmanjra stated: “We confirm these words and additionally conducted an assessment of the prospects for the cryptocurrency market, including assessing the profiles of liquidity and trading volumes with bitcoin compared to other asset classes. We analyzed whether Bitcoin can handle the institutional investor inflow that everyone is looking forward to. And we came to the conclusion that in the next five years Bitcoin will become an asset worth several trillion dollars. " The analyst noted that bitcoin as an asset is constantly growing, and many in the financial world already perceive the first cryptocurrency as a risky, but possible investment. At the same time, there are still obstacles for the free entry of institutional investors into the cryptocurrency market. He drew attention to the lack of large brokerage firms that work with bitcoin, as well as large, trusted, custodial solutions.

Recall that after the halving of the reward to the miners of the altcoin Bitcoin Cash, Yassin Elmanjra noted that "the coin looks unhealthy."