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Partnership With FxPro: Your Business - Without Leaving Your Home

Regardless of your main activity, having at least half an hour of free time a week, you can attract new traders.

Jeff Garzik's Company Launches Vesper Platform To Invest In DeFi

Bloq, led by Jeff Garzik, is releasing a new product for investing in decentralized finance (DeFi) projects through cryptoasset staking.

Schnorr And Taproot Signatures Added To Bitcoin Core Code

Updates to improve the privacy and scalability of the Bitcoin network - Taproot and Schnorr signatures - embedded in the Bitcoin Core code.

What Influenced Bitcoin's Growth In 2020?

In 2020, several events took place at once that shook the world economy, writes RBC Crypto.

Block.One Launched A Package Of Services For Business Implementation Of Blockchain Solutions Based On EOS

The company behind the EOS project, Block.one, has unveiled a set of enterprise services designed to help organizations develop and integrate blockchain-based solutions.

Morgan Creek Co-Founder Explains When Cryptocurrencies Will Replace Fiat Money

According to Mark Yusko, representing Morgan Creek, cryptocurrencies will finally replace fiat money over the next 30 years.

At The Beginning Of 2021, Tokenized Bitcoin Will Appear On The Polkadot Network

Blockchain startup Interlay will launch a 1: 1 Bitcoin-backed PolkaBTC token on the Polkadot network in the first quarter of 2021, the project blog reports.

Delta Exchange Launches Bitcoin Turbo Options

Revocable contracts for the sale or purchase of financial asset appeared on the cryptocurrency market for the first time.

Tony Weiss: Bitcoin's "Perfect Bottom" Is At $ 11,000

In the latest YouTube post on October 14, popular trader and cryptanalyst Tony Weiss was optimistic about Bitcoin's prospects.

Filecoin Mainnet Launched

October 15, Thursday, at block 148 888, the main network of the Filecoin decentralized storage platform was launched.

Bahamas Will Make The State Digital Currency Global

The Bahamas' digital currency called Sand Dollar must be used outside the country. These goals are set by the Central Bank, reports The Nassau Guardian.

BitCluster Opened A Mining Center On The Territory Of Norilsk Nickel

The Russian industrial mining operator BitCluster has opened a large data center on the territory of the closed Norilsk Nickel plant in Norilsk. CoinDesk reports.

5 Largest Crypto Exchanges Store Over 10% Of Bitcoins

Research: 5 largest exchanges hold more than 10% of bitcoins

Wilshire Phoenix Analysts Explain How CME BTC Futures Affect Bitcoin Price

Investment firm Wilshire Phoenix in a new report states that Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) Bitcoin futures have a significant impact on the price of cryptocurrency,…

Fuel Card Issuer Fleetcor Technologies Joins RippleNet

Ripple and Cambridge Global Payments, a subsidiary of Fleetcor Technologies, a provider of specialized payment solutions for business, have entered into an agreement…

Esther Pierce: "The BitMEX Harassment Is A Wake Up Call For The Entire Cryptocurrency Industry"

SEC Commissioner Esther Pierce believes that the recent actions of US regulators against BitMEX are a "wake-up call" and a warning for the entire cryptocurrency…

60% Of Ethers In Circulation Have Not Moved For Over A Year

The number of ethers that did not move for more than a year amounted to 60.4% of the total market supply of the cryptocurrency, follows from the data of the analytical…

Hester Pearce: BitMEX Should Alert Everyone In The Cryptocurrency Industry

SEC Commissioner Hester Pearce believes that the recent actions of the US authorities against the crypto derivatives exchange BitMEX are a wake-up call for the entire…

Zilliqa Developers Launch Mainnet Staking

Zilliqa developers announced staking on the main network of the project thanks to the launch of the non-custodial platform Zillion. In addition, gZIL tokens were…

Mt. Bitcoin Distribution Gox Is Postponed For At Least Two More Months

Trustee of the defunct cryptocurrency exchange Mt. Gox Nobuaki Kobayashi today released another notice postponing the deadline for submitting a civil rehabilitation…

Zenit Tokenized Artem Dziuba

Football club Zenit from St. Petersburg has joined the Sorare blockchain platform.

BitCluster Launches 11.2 MW Mining Farm In Norilsk

The Russian company BitCluster launches an 11.2 MW bitcoin mining farm in the industrial zone of Norilsk.

Analyst: BTC Must Break The $ 11,500 Mark For A Strong Upward Movement

On Thursday, October 15, the average market rate of Bitcoin, like the day before, is $ 11,400. On October 12, the coin reached a monthly maximum of $ 11,700, after…

Experts Warn Of Increased Activity Of The Lemon Duck Botnet For Mining Monero

Cisco's cyberthreats division Talos has discovered increased activity by the Lemon Duck botnet. With its help, attackers use the power of infected devices to mine…

Glassnode: "More Than Half Of ETH Coins Have Been Idle For Over A Year"

Cryptocurrency investors continue to accumulate ETH - more than 50% of coins have been sitting idle on wallets for over a year.

Changpeng Zhao: Merging Centralized And Decentralized Finance Will Accelerate Crypto Industry Development

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao believes that the merger of centralized and decentralized finance (DeFi) will accelerate the development of the cryptocurrency industry.

The Deadline For Submission Of The Plan Of Reimbursement To Creditors Of Mt.Gox Was Postponed To December 15

On October 14, a Tokyo court extended the period for submitting the final civil rehabilitation plan for users of the bankrupt bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox until December…

Vitalik Buterin Calls For The Use Of Second-Tier Solutions For Scaling Ethereum

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin urged netizens to migrate to second-tier scaling solutions that "are already in use for many classes of applications."

Coinbase Wallet Adds Support For The Second Level Optimistic Rollup Solution For Ethereum

The developers of the non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet Coinbase Wallet have integrated the Optimistic Rollup testnet. With a second tier solution for Ethereum,…

Grayscale Trusts Topped $ 1 Billion In Q3 2020

Digital asset management company Grayscale Investments has reported on the results of the third quarter of 2020 - investments in Grayscale trusts amounted to a record…

Experts Warn About Lemon Duck Botnet For Monero Mining

Cisco's cyberthreat division Talos has revealed increased activity by the Lemon Duck botnet, which allows attackers to mine Monero cryptocurrency.

CoinList Releases Record $ 57.1 Million Worth Of WBTC

The CoinList token sale platform has updated the record for the daily emission of the Wrapped Bitcoin token (WBTC) backed by bitcoin.

ARK Invest Analyst: "Bitcoin Capitalization Will Reach $ 3 Trillion By 2025"

Crypto-asset analyst at ARK Invest Yassine Elmandjra believes that by 2025 the capitalization of bitcoin will reach $ 3 trillion, that is, it will increase more…

60% Of Ethereum Coins Have Not Moved In The Last 12 Months

More than half of Ethereum coins issued to date have not moved in more than twelve months, according to data from research firm Glassnode.

A DESKTOP APPLICATION Has Been Created For Trezor Users

SatoshiLabs, which has developed a line of wallets for Trezor cryptocurrencies, has launched a desktop client known as the Trezor Suite.

Changpeng Zhao: "Centralized Financing Will Help Develop DeFi"

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao believes the merger of centralized and decentralized finance (DeFi) will accelerate the development of the cryptocurrency industry.

Bitcoin Rate Fixed At $ 11 400

On Thursday, October 15, the price of bitcoin rises. At 09:30 Moscow time, the first cryptocurrency is trading at $ 11,402.69 (+ 0.06%), according to CoinMarketCap.

JPMorgan Thinks Bitcoin Price Should Be Lower Now

Analysts of the American bank JPMorgan believe that bitcoin is overvalued and should cost about 13% cheaper, RBC Crypto reports with reference to Bloomberg Quint.

More Than 10% Of Bitcoin Emissions Are Stored On Five Centralized Exchanges

Five large centralized exchanges hold about 10.6% of the bitcoin in circulation, according to Chain.info.

Jeff Horowitz Steps Down From Coinbase

Coinbase cryptowiki.ru »/> Coinbase employees announced that the head of corporate control of the Coinbase exchange Jeff Horowitz (Jeff Horowitz) is leaving his…

EToro Analysts Told Why Cryptocurrencies Are Becoming More Expensive

There are at least 15 reasons that can cause a gradual or sharp rise in the price of cryptocurrencies, according to analysts on the EToro trading platform.

What To Invest In? Experts Presented Their Options For Optimal Portfolios

2020 is shaping up very well for the cryptocurrency market. Since January, Bitcoin has risen in price by more than 50%, while Ethereum has almost tripled.

State Duma Of The Russian Federation: Crypto-Ruble Will Become An Important Step For The Financial System Of Our Country

Many Russian experts want to take part in the discussion about the advisability of launching a state cryptocurrency (CBDC).

JPMorgan: "Many Payment Companies Will Add Bitcoin Purchases To Their Apps"

Analysts at banking giant JPMorgan believe that many major payment companies will add the ability to buy BTC to their apps in the near future.

Ethereum Foundation Developer Introduces Fe Programming Language To Create Smart Contracts

Ethereum Foundation developer Christoph Burgdorf has introduced a new programming language called "Fe" for creating smart contracts.

Ethereum Foundation Introduces Fe Language For Smart Contracts

The Ethereum ecosystem has received a new programming language for writing smart contracts called Fe.

Ethereum Foundation Announced The Emergence Of A New Language For Writing Smart Contracts

The Ethereum Foundation has unveiled a new programming language for writing smart contracts called "Fe".

The Uniswap Community Saw The Risks Of Centralization In The New Management Scheme

Representatives of the Dharma crypto-lending platform have put to a vote the issue of reducing the minimum requirement for submitting proposals for managing the…

FCA Will Ban Cryptocurrency Derivatives Despite Disagreement Of 97% Of Surveyed

The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) will ban cryptocurrency derivatives for retail investors, despite 97% disagreement on the ban.

Cyprus No Longer Sells Citizenship For Money

IAC Alpari: In theory, this trend should increase the demand for cryptocurrency.

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